Turbocharge Your Messaging: WhatsApp Chatbots Unleashed

WhatsApp Chatbots Unleashed

In this modern business era, the use of chatbots is increasingly becoming a normal thing and needs to be used. Especially to establish good communication between businesses and consumers. Thus, developers are competing to create this convenience by combining WhatsApp with bots, which bring forth the WhatsApp chatbot as provided by Kommo.

The presence of WhatsApp chatbots can improve business relationships externally and internally. Apart from establishing good relationships with clients and work partners, this bot can enhance relationships between employees. Not only that, chatbots can provide customer experience to customers and streamline operations.

The popularity of WhatsApp is one of the reasons for the development of this software. In this way, users can use familiar applications more easily. For more details, let’s discuss together the use of WhatsApp chatbot as a communication medium in modern business.

WhatsApp Chatbots: How Do They Work?

The emergence of WhatsApp chatbot is a game changer for chatbot communication activities. Not only does it make communication more effective, but it also provides a valuable customer experience.

For instance, using WhatsApp chatbot as a call center, customers can receive answers to simple questions more quickly. The chatbot’s ability to organize conversation flow gives the sensation of talking to a human. Even though it is limited to certain prompts, this capability can facilitate the call center team’s productivity in answering repetitive questions.

Personalizing Messages for Your Customer

Have you ever heard of WhatsApp Blast? What did you get? Yup, a marketing message that offers lots of promos whether it’s on celebration days or special days like Valentine’s Day or birthdays. Through WhatsApp bot, you can send messages that you have adjusted to customer preferences. So customers can experience valuable experiences such as special coupons for birthday celebrations  .

Sending personalized messages via WhatsApp chatbot can be done by presenting certain keywords in the existing message flow. These keywords include names, birth dates, locations, or certain celebrations. You can use these tips to tailor messages to your customers:

  • Use everyday conversational language, so customers don’t feel like they are having a conversation with bots.
  • Send messages at the right time. Schedule marketing messages during working hours and avoid sending them close together, so that customers don’t consider your promotional messages as spam.
  • Avoid long message content. Minimize the message by summarizing it to 160 characters. In nutshell, messages maximize the structure of sentences as simply as possible so customers can understand the intention of the message easily.

Using a WhatsApp chatbot to send blast messages is one of the chatbot implementations for building business relationships. Apart from that, you can also use the WhatsApp chatbot to become a virtual assistant that can attract potential customers –we will talk about it later.–

Building Whatsapp Chatbot to Automate Your Business Operation

Several things in the business process can be automated to shorten time. In this automation effort, several things need to be considered, such as consistency and adaptation of employees to the technology used. So, the automation implemented can run smoothly.

Here are several types of business processes automation that can be automated:

  • Workflow: Moving workflow from one task to another can be upgraded to be automatic so projects can be completed more quickly. For example, in a sales flow, when one product is sold, all data such as stock information and invoice creation can be created automatically.
  • Customer relationship management: By automating this process, customer nurturing can be done more easily. You don’t need to monitor and create follow-up messages manually. With the whatsapp automation feature, you can create message templates, set message-sending schedules, or send auto-reply messages.
  • Human resource process: In the recruitment process, there will be stages that are repeated, by automating this process, HRD can selectively choose candidates. For example, by utilizing a chatbot for WhatsApp, recruiters can schedule meetings, and send follow-ups to candidates automatically via WhatsApp.

Automating business processes shortens time and increases productivity because employees can focus on complex work. In this way, companies can be better prepared to face the existing digital transformation.

Look at The Key Case Studies of WhatsApp chatbot

To convince you how using chatbots can bring better business communications, here are several successful case studies of the use of WhatsApp chatbots:

The Beauty Consultant by PTI (Paragon Technology and Innovation)

Paragon Technology and Innovation (PTI) is the largest cosmetics factory in Indonesia. As reported via Facebook, PTI was able to increase its interaction level with customers by up to 600% and a customer satisfaction ratio of up to 98.9% via WhatsApp chatbot. The undertaking is by providing a virtual assistant. With a diverse menu, their bot offers free beauty consultations to customers and directs customers to trusted official stores, complaints, and reseller information.

PTI also added a ‘click to whatsapp’ feature on their e-commerce website to direct customers to the registered whatsapp number. So customers can experience a seamless experience that makes it easier for them to choose products that suit their needs.

Connect Better with Your Client (Dekoruma)

Apart from functioning in the beauty business, Dekoruma, a custom interior design provider, also uses a WhatsApp chatbot. They direct follow-up from the website to the existing WhatsApp number. They implement this to provide effective communication and minimal misunderstandings.

Dekoruma chose WhatsApp rather than email as the medium used to convince their potential customers. With WhatsApp, designers and clients can share documents in the form of images or PDFs regarding the desired design quickly. 

In this way, Dekoruma was able to increase the delivery rate on WhatsApp by up to 100% and reduce call center usage by as much as 60%. Through this method, they are also able to receive more messages from customers compared to using email.

Build Your First Chatbot with Kommo 

However, if you are new to WhatsApp chatbot, you can build one in five steps with Kommo, here they are:

  • First, determine what problem in your business you want the chatbot to solve.
  • Second, choose a chatbot provider that can provide solutions and meet your business needs. You can try the 14 day free trial from Kommo, to find out the features it contains.
  • Third, determine the KPIs that need to be achieved by the chatbot, and make sure these KPIs are in line with your main goal of using the chatbot
  • Fourth, create your chatbot. With Kommo you don’t need to bother building a chatbot from scratch because they have provided ready-to-use templates.
  • Fifth, always monitor the performance of the chatbot, and whether it always meets the KPIs. Kommo provides analytical features that make it easier for you to monitor the performance of your chatbot.

or, you can learn to build a chatbot clearly through this video ⬇

How to build a chatbot in Kommo | Kommo Salesbot

How to build a chatbot in Kommo | Kommo Salesbot

In its use, WhatsApp chatbot not only optimizes communication but also sales automation. These conveniences and evidence of successful use add to the reasons why WhatsApp chatbot is feasible and should be implemented in business. What do you think? Do you want to apply this technology to your business?

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